Who Should Use this Document?

  • You plan to provide financial support for a foreign visitor to the U.S.
  • You want to complete your Affidavit of Support online in minutes
  • You want step-by-step guidance and helpful tips
  • You plan on visiting the U.S. and have a sponsor who can support you

What Information You Will Need

Basic information about the following items:

  • Sponsor’s name and address
  • Sponsor’s birth date and location
  • Sponsor’s citizenship or residency status
  • Sponsor’s income and assets
  • Beneficiary’s name and address
  • Names and dates of birth of the beneficiary’s spouse or children, if any
  • Names of any prior beneficiaries

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Completing Your Affidavit of Support

You will begin by answering some background questions about the “Sponsor.” This is the person who will be providing support to the foreign national, called the “Beneficiary.” You will be asked to provide the Sponsor’s full name including any past names used. Also, provide the Sponsor’s date and place of birth. Include the Sponsor’s Social Security Number and, if you are a green card holder, your alien registration number (A number). If you have a USCIS online account number, enter that as well when prompted. Sponsors who are not U.S. citizens by birth will also need to provide some additional information, including their means of naturalization and when they began living in the United States.

In the following section you will need to document the Sponsor’s income and assets. This includes the amount of money the Sponsor holds in bank accounts, personal property, stocks and bonds, and real estate. As long as the Sponsor earns income above the federal poverty guidelines, then you should have enough income for the purposes of the affidavit. “Personal property” includes anything of significant value, such as vehicles, art, jewelry, antiques, and appliances. You may use your own estimates of the current selling value of these items. When estimating the value of the Sponsor’s real estate, you can use the value listed in the property’s most recent tax assessment or as listed on property websites like Zillow. To be safe, you should complete this section as thoroughly as possible, even if the Sponsor has much more income than needed. You will be required to provide supporting documentation of the Sponsor’s income and assets, as detailed below.

The following questions concern basic information about the Sponsor’s dependents. Include any person who is wholly or partly dependent on the Sponsor for financial support. This includes any dependents listed on the Sponsor’s most recent tax return and those who the Sponsor acts as legal guardian over.

Next, continue by answering questions regarding the Beneficiary and any spouse or children who will be traveling with the Beneficiary. Note that you must complete a separate Affidavit of Support for each non-citizen being sponsored.

You will then need to explain the type of support that the Sponsor plans on providing to the Beneficiary. For example, if your cousin is the Beneficiary and is planning on visiting you in the U.S. for a month, you might write, “I will provide money, food, and lodging and cover any medical expenses needed during her visit.”

Review and Sign

Read your Affidavit of Support and the attached instructions thoroughly, making sure all questions have been answered correctly and all requirements have been met. Any question that does not apply to you should be answered with “N/A” (not applicable) or “0” (for numerical questions), as directed in the official instructions. Be sure to sign and date the form where indicated, including any attached pages of additional information you provide. Signatures may not be stamped or typewritten. A legal guardian may sign for any person signing who is mentally incompetent or under 14 years of age. You must submit a separate Form I-134 for each foreign national being sponsored.

Supporting Documentation

Sponsors will need to provide supporting documentation attached in duplication in order to prove that they have the ability to support their Beneficiaries. The official instructions explain in detail the documentation that is attached. If you are in doubt as to what is required, it is always best to include all such documentation available to you. Your affidavit may be rejected for failure to include required information.


The Sponsor does not file the Affidavit of Support with USCIS. Instead, send the affidavit to the Beneficiary to be included with his or her visa application. There is no filing fee to submit the affidavit. If you have questions, you can call the USCIS customer service line at 1-800-375-5283 for the latest information on properly completing and submitting the Affidavit of Support.

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Step 1: Gather Information

Begin by collecting the information that you will need to complete your Affidavit of Support. This includes the following items:

  • Sponsor’s name and prior names
  • Sponsor’s address and contact information
  • Sponsor’s birth and identification details
  • Sponsor’s citizen and residency status
  • Sponsor’s employment information
  • Sponsor’s income and assets
  • Sponsor’s dependent information
  • Beneficiary’s name and address
  • Beneficiary’s citizenship and marital status
  • Beneficiary’s spouse and dependent information
  • Details regarding any previous Affidavits of Support or visa petitions

Step 2: Complete the Questionnaire

Use the information collected in Step 1 to complete our questionnaire. This will provide you with helpful explanations and guidance.

Step 3: Review and Sign

Thoroughly read your completed Affidavit of Support and the official USCIS instructions attached to it in order to ensure that it is free of errors and meets all requirements. Once you are satisfied that it is ready, the Sponsor must sign where indicated.

Step 4: Attach Supporting Documentation

Pay close attention to the supporting documentation that must be included with your affidavit. The Sponsor must provide evidence supporting the employment, income, and assets listed in the affidavit. Be sure to provide two copies of each supporting document included.

Step 5: Send to the Beneficiary

At this point the Sponsor’s job is done. Send the original signed Affidavit of Support and documentation to the Beneficiary to include with their visa petition. Do not use a copy of the affidavit, which may be rejected.

Step 6: Store a Copy

Keep a copy of the completed Affidavit of Support for your records.