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Billy Alavarez Washington, DC
“Which individuals should use these documents?”
Our legal documents help you through important life events such as planning for your family’s future with an estate plan, caring for loved ones using powers of attorney, and selling and buying property with our real estate forms.
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Brittney Curtis New York, NY
“Are the estate planning documents state compliant?”
We pride ourselves on having the most up-to-date and state compliant legal documents available. Our team of lawyers work to ensure changes in the law are automatically applied to all existing versions of your documents.
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Dylan Mendez Los Angeles, CA
“Can I edit my documents?”
Of course! We aim to meet your needs by providing highly customizable legal documents. You can either answer the form questions again to create a new version of the document or make changes directly within your downloaded Word file.
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Helen Brewer Charlotte, NC
“How do I get my document?”
When you have completed your document it will be available to download in both PDF and Word formats. You can always go back and make edits or create a completely new version of your document.
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