LLC Operating Agreement

LLC Operating Agreement

Use our operating agreement template to set up important rules for your LLC while defining the ownership interests and rights of all members. Specify preferences concerning division of profits and losses, managerial responsibilities, voting rights and procedures, meeting guidelines, and more.
When To Use This Document
  • Checkmark You are forming or plan to form an LLC
  • Checkmark You want to fulfill your obligations under state law
  • Checkmark To ensure that all members know their rights and obligations

Complete your LLC operating agreement in four steps

Complete Obligations

Gather Information

Gather all relevant information, including the LLC’s address and main business activity.

Man Laptop Questions

Answer Key Questions

Add your LLC's information to our form and customize it to match your specific needs. Our form is dynamic and changes according to your answers.

Review and Sign

Review and Sign

Read your document to ensure it matches your needs. To make changes to your document, simply download the Microsoft Word version. If no corrections are needed, download the PDF version. 

Distribute and Store Questions

Distribute and Store Copies

All parties should have a fully signed copy of the document. Be sure to keep both a physical and electronic copy.

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Need to Update Your LLC's Operating Agreement?

Easily add new terms or make changes to your existing operating agreement with our addendum and amendment forms.

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Need to add LLC members?

We offer an LLC operating agreement addendum form to add new members, owners, or partners to an LLC.

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Edit business details

Need to make LLC changes?

Update your LLC's name, address, and more with the secretary of state using our LLC amendment form.

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Help Guide

The LLC operating agreement defines the rights and duties of the LLC members and outlines how the LLC will be owned and operated. It is an essential document that all LLCs need to create and keep updated.

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