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Everything you need to transfer property and manage residential or commercial real estate. We make it easy to create, store, and edit your legal documents at any time. We take care of the heavy lifting so you can focus on managing your property!

Real Estate Management

Property Transfers

Manage Your Commercial and Residential Rentals

LegalNature's landlord and tenant forms help you manage all your landlord-tenant affairs, both commercial and residential. Each document includes state-specific laws to help ensure compliance with state requirements. LegalNature provides step-by-step guidance, allowing you to quickly complete your document and giving you peace of mind in the process.
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Residential Real Estate Documents

Get started with a thorough residential lease agreement to make sure both parties' interests stay well protected. If the tenant doesn't cooperate, an eviction notice will give the landlord an effective remedy.

Commercial Real Estate Documents

Our documents help bring clarity and protection to your commercial real estate matters. From commercial lease agreements to commercial sublease agreements, these documents help protect you and your business interests.

The Essential Guide for Landlords

Whether you are ready to make the move into renting out several homes, buying an apartment building, or you want to rent out your own home, you need to prepare to become a landlord.

Manage your real estate rentals with an LLC

LegalNature can help you to quickly and easily start your LLC.

  • Tax benefits and savings
  • Limit personal liability
  • Protect your assets
  • Separate debt and finances

Documents for Property Transfers and Sales

Our property forms give you power over your real estate affairs, both commercial and residential, and provide an effective way to buy, sell, and transfer your property.
You can use transfer deeds to:
  • Transfer real estate when you sell
  • Estate planning/establishing a trust
  • Include someone on the deed, like a spouse
  • Transferring assets between companies
  • Gifting real estate to family
  • Cure title defects

Real Estate and Estate Planning

Believe it or not, you have an estate. Your estate is your car, real estate, bank accounts, investments — everything you own. We provide you with the information, tools, and forms you need. It’s fast, easy, and affordable to put your estate plan into action today.

The benefits of estate planning with real estate:
  • Asset protection via trust
  • Distribute property upon death
  • Tax efficiency and eliminate probate fees
Ultimate Guide to Estate Planning

Setting up an estate plan is simple and can often be accomplished very easily without the use of an attorney.

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