Residential Sublease Agreement

Residential Sublease Agreement

A residential sublease agreement is an agreement between the original property tenant and a new tenant, called the "subtenant." Our residential sublease agreement provides a simple and effective solution for subletting.
When to use a residential sublease agreement
  • Checkmark You are a tenant that wants to lease a property to a third party
  • Checkmark You are a landlord whose tenant has asked to allow a sublease
  • Checkmark The tenant will be absent from the property for an extended period of time

Sublease your property the right way

Easily create a residential sublease agreement tailored to your specific needs.

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Set the key terms of your agreement

By providing clear terms and conditions, this agreement will help prevent unnecessary confusion.

Complete Obligations

Establish clear responsibilities

This agreement will define all applicable obligations and responsibilities.

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How to create a residential sublease agreement in 3 steps

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Gather Information

Begin by collecting basic information about the lease, including landlord, tenant, and subtenant addresses and contact information, when the sublease will end, as well as rent and security deposit amounts. Also determine at this point if any special work orders or repairs will be needed for the property. 

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Answer Key Questions

We help you integrate the information you collected into an agreement adapted to your needs. As you complete our questionnaire, we inform you about your choices at each step and dynamically ask new questions based on your previous answers and the state involved.

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Review and Sign

Always read your document thoroughly to ensure it contains everything you need and is free of errors. In any case, once you finish creating your document, you will be able to alter it as much as you like in Microsoft Word. However, if you do not need to make any changes, you can simply download the PDF version and have the parties sign the agreement.

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Help Guide

Table of contents

Our residential sublease agreement provides a simple and effective solution for subletting when the tenant is unable to continue occupying the unit. The following information provides an overview of the key considerations when completing your agreement.

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Start Your Residential Sublease Agreement

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