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When to use a bill of sale

  • Checkmark To transfer ownership of a motor vehicle
  • Checkmark To memorialize any purchase besides real estate
  • Checkmark To document the sale of personal property, such as jewelry or clothes

Buy or sell with confidence

Avoid confusion and costly mistakes with our up-to-date form.

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Clearly set the terms

By setting the sale's terms in writing, all parties involved know what to expect and remain well informed.

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Safely sell your goods

Our bill of sale contains an "As is" provision stating that the buyer accepts the item in its current condition.

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How to create a bill of sale in 3 steps

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Collect Information

Before completing a bill of sale, it is a good idea to collect some basic information, such as the name and address of the buyer and seller, the price, and any identifying details for the goods being sold. For example, if you are selling a car, you will need the make, model, year, body type, odometer, and vehicle identification number (VIN).

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Answer Key Questions

Next, you will use the information you gathered to create your bill of sale. LegalNature can help you by providing step-by-step guidance. Simply complete our questionnaire, which will tailor your bill of sale to your particular needs. The questions we ask change depending on your state and the answers submitted.

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Review and Sign

Be sure to thoroughly review your bill of sale before signing it to make sure that there are no mistakes and that it will serve your needs. If you need to make edits to the text of your document, you can do so by downloading it in .doc format and editing it in Microsoft Word or Google Drive. If you do not need to make edits, download your bill of sale in .pdf format. You can find these downloads in your LegalNature dashboard after completing the questionnaire.


Help Guide

Table of contents

Your bill of sale will serve to memorialize the important details of your transaction and acts as a receipt for the buyer. It is an essential tool for proving the terms of the agreement down the road, and many states require the use of a bill of sale when transferring automobiles, aircraft, watercraft, and similar items.

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