Articles of Organization

Articles of Organization

File articles of organization with the secretary of state in order to create a limited liability company (LLC). Get started with our step-by-step form to list your company's name, purpose, duration, member or manager information, and more.
Our Articles of Organization Form
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Create Your Articles of Organization in 3 Steps

Choose State

Select the state where the LLC will be registered

Our LLC articles of organization template dynamically changes according to the selected state's requirements. Since each state decides what details will be necessary in order to form an LLC, the required information can vary from one state to another. 

Edit business details

Provide the LLC's name, company address, and other details

When choosing your LLC's name, it's important to consider your state's naming requirements. As for your LLC's company address, keep in mind that it will function as an official business address. For this reason, a street address will most likely be required. 

Edit business team

Describe the LLC's management structure

Oftentimes an LLC will be managed either by a specific person that's been given the title of "manager" or by the LLC's members. If a manager is named, then that person will be authorized to handle the day-to-day activities of the LLC. On the other hand, if the members manage the LLC, each one will have the right to make management decisions. 

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Table of contents

No matter what your LLC's business will be, LegalNature's intuitive form makes it easy to draft clear and legally compliant articles of organization. Below, you will find a detailed description of the most important sections and key components of your articles of organization. Note that some of these sections may be omitted from your document depending on how you answer the relevant questions and state-specific requirements.

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