When to Use

  • You need to create a quit claim deed, general warranty deed, or special warranty deed.
  • You want to sell or transfer your property interest with or without title warranties.
  • You want to gift or share your property with a friend or family member.
  • You need to transfer property to a trust or business.
  • You need to update the owners listed on the property title.
  • You need to remove a “cloud” on the property title.

What Does a Property Deed Do?

Quit claim deeds are used to quickly change ownership on a property title and are commonly used between family members and to transfer property into a trust. Because they do not provide guarantees against title defects, they are usually the quickest and easiest solution for naming new property owners.

General warranty deeds guarantee that the property title is free and clear of any liens and other defects (unless stated in the deed) and that the grantor owns proper title to the property. These guarantees make general warranty deeds ideal for property sales.

A special warranty deed (or "limited warranty deed" in some states) is similar to a general warranty deed, except that there are no guarantees against any liens and defects that may have occurred prior to the grantor becoming an owner.

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