Property Deed for Virginia


(Above reserved for official use only)

STATE OF _____________
COUNTY OF _____________

THIS DEED is made this day of _____________ by and between the "Grantor,"

AND the "Grantee,"



Grantor signed, sealed, and delivered this to Grantee on ________________ (date).

Landlord Property

Property Deed

LegalNature’s intuitive property deed allows you to easily transfer property with or without providing title guarantees.

• Fully customizable—create a general warranty or quit claim deed

• Quickly and safely transfer title to real estate

• Backed by our industry-leading 100% satisfaction guarantee

• Handwritten by our team of lawyers specifically for your state

Take advantage of the advanced tools provided by LegalNature to complete and download your property deed in a matter of minutes.

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Property deeds are useful for quickly and easily transferring title to real estate to a new owner. LegalNature's property deed form allows you to choose between creating either a general warranty deed or a quit claim deed.

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