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Everything your business needs

Start your LLC

with the confidence that it's done right

Our team of business experts take care of forming your company so you can focus on growing your business.

  • Dedicated support
  • All your company documents bundled together
  • EIN, registered agent, expedited filing and more. Make starting your business easy without any costly errors.

Starting at only $49

Services and documents to
manage your business

Business Services

We provide services to maintain ongoing compliance and good standing with your secretary of state.

Let our experienced business specialists take care of your filings. All you need to do is monitor the progress from your dashboard.

Registered Agent

Our registered agent service meets all state requirements, keeping your company compliant and in good standing.

Starting at $125


Compliance Guard

Compliance made easy. We monitor and file all your SOS filings so you don’t have to.



Business Documents

State-compliant legal documents drafted by our team of lawyers, tailored to your company’s needs.

Formation Documents

Documents for Sales

Documents for Websites

Human Resources

Other Documents

Thousands of people – from business owners to attorneys – use LegalNature every day to manage their business and personal affairs.

We’re on a mission to make legal matters easy to understand and accessible to everyone.

From detailed explanations of legal documents to PDF guides and case examples, our legal resources center features over 600 articles and FAQs.

Essential Guide to Starting a Business

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