Corporate Resolution

Corporate Resolution

A corporate resolution formally records any major decision made by a corporation, LLC or nonprofit. Our corporate and board resolution template is customizable according to your company's needs, including options for opening a bank account, borrowing capital, matters voted on by the board of directors, hiring or approving actions of members, managers, employees, and more.
When to use a corporate resolution
  • Checkmark Authorization to open and operate a company bank account
  • Checkmark To record and take action on matters voted on by the board of directors
  • Checkmark Buying or selling shares, leasing and managing assets
  • Checkmark Borrowing capital or to authorize borrowing on a credit line
  • Checkmark To hire and approve actions of members, managers, or employees

Complete Your Corporate Resolution in 3 Steps

Complete Obligations

Gather Information

As you complete your corporate resolution, you will need to provide relevant information about the subject and the maker of the resolution.

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Complete Our Short Questionnaire

Use the information you collected to complete the corporate resolution. We make this easy by guiding you each step of the way and helping you to customize your document to match your specific needs.

Review and Sign

Review and Adopt

It is important to read your resolution thoroughly to ensure it is free of errors and omissions. After completing your Bylaws, they need to be formally adopted by passing a vote at a board meeting, and signing the Certificate of Corporate Resolution page.

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    Use a corporate resolution (called a "company resolution" for an LLC) to formally record the important binding decisions of a corporation's directors, officers, managers, or owners. A good corporate resolution is customizable to anticipate any resolutions the business's decision-makers may pass. The following guide provides helpful explanations of the more common resolutions your business may encounter in its lifespan.

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