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You may need to obtain certified copies of your important company documents for a variety of reasons. If you lose the original copies of your company filings, you may be required to order certified copies to replace them in your corporate records. You may also need to order certified copies in order to qualify as a foreign entity to do business in other states.

Available in All 50 States

This service for obtaining copies of your important records is available in all 50 states.

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Simply answer a few questions to complete your order and we will compile the necessary paperwork for you, process your request with the state, and send you your certified copy when it is ready. 

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Our knowledgeable and friendly staff are ready to answer your questions and help ensure that your order is processed smoothly and without delay.

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What is a certified copy and what is it for?

A certified copy is an official copy of any document that your company has filed with the state. All certified copies of your company filings must be certified as authentic and issued by your state office.

Other companies and organizations that your company works with may require certified copies for a variety of reasons. In general, certified copies are requested anytime you need to prove the contents of your business filings. For instance, a bank may require a certified copy of your Articles of Organization prior to giving you a loan.

What types of filings can I get certified copies of?

  • Articles of Organization
  • Articles of Incorporation
  • Annual reports
  • Statements of information
  • Articles of Amendment
  • Articles of Dissolution
  • Most other state filings

How do I get a certified copy?

LegalNature’s staff has years of experience in working with state agencies and meeting state requirements. We complete and review your paperwork, file it with the state, and follow up with the state until your request is approved. Most businesses prefer using experienced professionals like those at LegalNature to save them the time and headache of dealing with the state.

1. Complete our short questionnaire

Indicate your business type, state of formation, type of certified copy being requested, and contact information.

2. We finish your paperwork and submit it to the state

After filing, we continue to communicate with the state on behalf of your company so that everything is handled correctly. We provide online tracking so that you can monitor the status of your request.

3. Receive your certified copy

You will receive a notification as soon as your request is approved and receive your certified copy in the mail.


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