End Your Legal Liability

Until a company has been formally dissolved, its owners will continue to be held legally responsible for itsobligations. Terminating the company will protect the owners from incurring additional liabilities.

Save Time

Let our knowledgeable staff help you complete your Articles of Dissolution, saving you from having to research the requirements yourself and communicate with the state.

Avoid Fees

Companies must continue paying all mandatory state and federal fees until they have been officially dissolved.

Quick and Easy

Answer our short questionnaire and let us take it from there. We will keep you posted regarding the status of your application and let you know when your dissolution has been approved.

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What are Articles of Dissolution?

Articles of Dissolution, sometimes called a “Certificate of Dissolution” or a “Certificate of Termination,” is the document an LLC or corporation files to permanently and officially end its business. By terminating your business, you can no longer continue to make sales or conduct operations. This also means you no longer have to pay taxes or government fees going forward.

What must happen before I dissolve my business?

The owners or directors of the LLC or corporation must first formally vote for the business to be dissolved. You must also file all outstanding fees, taxes, and reports before you will be allowed to dissolve the business.

What happens after I dissolve my business?

You will continue winding up the affairs of your business at this time. This includes settling all debts and outstanding obligations, selling or distributing assets, canceling licenses and insurance, filing IRS forms, notifying others that you are ending operations, and following all other local, state, and federal requirements that may apply.

How do I file the Articles of Dissolution?

Most people prefer to work with a professional to ensure that your Articles of Dissolution are filed correctly. LegalNature’s experienced specialists will complete your paperwork, file it with the state, communicate on your behalf, and notify you when your request has been approved.

1. Complete our short online questionnaire

Answer a few quick questions about your business and provide your contact information.

2. We finish your paperwork and submit it to the state

We will continue to follow up with the state regarding your request until it is approved. You will receive online tracking so that you can monitor the status of your application.

3. Receive your approval

We will notify you as soon as your request has been approved and will forward you any official documentation.


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