Expand Your Operations

Out-of-state companies are required to obtain this authorization before conducting business in each additional state. This is the first step toward expanding your company onto a regional or national scale.

Available in All 50 States

We provide this service for all 50 states. Depending on your state, this may be called a foreign entity registration, foreign qualification, or a certificate of registration.

Avoid Fines and Penalties

Failure to register as a foreign entity could result in hefty fines and require you to pay substantial back taxes.

Quick and Easy

After placing your order, we will immediately begin completing and processing your application. We will keep you posted regarding the status of your application and will notify you as soon as you have been approved.

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Help Guide

When should I register my business as a foreign entity?

When you initially form your company by registering it with a state, you are only allowed to transact business in that state. You must register your business as a foreign entity in every other state that you want to do business in outside of the state where your business was originally formed. In this context, “foreign” means that your business is from another state, not another country.

What is considered “transacting business”? 

Unfortunately, most states leave this open to interpretation. In general, a good rule of thumb is that your company can be said to transact business wherever it physically sells products or services or conducts business activities. That means that you are probably transacting business in any state where any of the following are physically present: 

  • An office
  • A store
  • Employees or sales representatives
  • A warehouse or distribution center

However, the following activities are generally permitted in a state without first needing to register as a foreign entity:

  • Owning real estate
  • Selling through independent contractors
  • Owning a bank account
  • Defending or settling a lawsuit
  • Holding meetings regarding the internal affairs of your business
  • Securing or collecting debts 
  • Isolated transactions that are completed within 30 days and that are not regularly held or repeated transactions
  • Transactions in interstate commerce

How do I register my business as a foreign entity?

Our experienced staff would love to help you complete your registration. Simply complete our short questionnaire by answering a few questions about your company and contact information. We will then complete and file your application, communicate with the state on your behalf, and let you know when you have been approved.

1. Complete our short questionnaire

Provide your business type, state of formation, and contact information.

2. We compile your application and submit it to the state

You will receive updates with the status of your application.

3. Receive your approval

We will notify you as soon as your company is approved and will forward you any official documentation.


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