When to Use a Quit Claim Deed

  • You want to transfer your property interest without warranties.
  • You want to gift your property to a family member or share it with them.
  • You are transferring the property to a trust.
  • You are gifting the property to someone else.
  • You need to update the names on the property title.
  • You need to resolve a “cloud” on the property title.

Because quit claim deeds do not contain any title warranties, they are normally used between parties that know and trust each other.

What Does a Quit Claim Deed Do?

A quit claim deed is the simplest and cleanest way to transfer or divide a property interest among trusted parties. Unlike a general warranty deed, it does not contain any warranties that the title is free and clear of liens or other restrictions. Instead, the owner is simply transferring the property interest “as is.” This makes this deed a favorite for transfers between family members and in other situations where the parties have no need for title insurance to protect against defects.

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