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How to Quickly Create an Invoice

Invoicing is one of the most important parts of any business, but it is often overlooked by companies that struggle to get timely repayment for their work.

Use our custom invoice template to quickly create an excellent invoice to bill your customers with.

Party Information

When using our form builder you will start by entering the relevant information for both the sender and recipient of the invoice. Either party may be a business or individual. Be sure that the contact information entered is accurate and up to date, as errors may significantly delay repayment.


In this section you can list each charge you are billing the customer, including quantity and cost per item. The form will automatically calculate the totals based on the information provided.

Additional Details

The last section allows you to specify the following details:

  • Tax amount/rate
  • Due date
  • Invoice number
  • Additional instructions

Use the additional instructions field to fully outline payment instructions as well as any other information useful for the customer at the time at which it receives the invoice. Some companies find that it is useful to list the terms of the deal as well as penalties for late payments. This helps incentivize the customer to pay on time and removes any room for argument or excuses for late payments. Also consider cross-selling the customer on other products or services you offer and thanking them for their business. Ready to get started? Create your invoice now.