Save Time

We handle the initial paperwork to set up your business with a registered agent and keep you organized going forward. We’ll notify you immediately when you receive new documents.

Keep Your Address Private

Your registered agent’s address will be listed on your business’s public state registration, keeping your own address confidential. This adds an extra layer of privacy for business owners.

Gain Freedom

Your registered agent is required to be present at their designated address during all regular business hours. This saves you the trouble of having to maintain and staff a location that is always open to the public.

Start an Out-of-State Business

Registered agents must be located in the state where the business is officially registered. Start your business anywhere with our registered agent services available in all 50 states.

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Help Guide

What is a registered agent?

A registered agent is the person or service designated by a business to receive legal notices and official government correspondence. For instance, if your business is sued, your registered agent will be served with the legal complaint. Other than sole proprietorships, all businesses are required to name their registered agent at the time that they are initially formed during the state registration process. In some states, registered agents are known as “resident agents,” “statutory agents,” or “agents for service of process.” 

What are the requirements?

A registered agent must be an adult or authorized registered agent service with a street address in the state where the business is formed. P.O. boxes are not allowed. The registered agent must also be a resident of that state. Your registered agent must always be physically present to receive legal correspondence at their designated address during all normal business hours. The registered agent must then promptly forward the correspondence to your business for review. 

Failure to meet the state’s requirements for registered agents can result in severe fines and legal problems. Most businesses choose to use an experienced third-party registered agent service like LegalNature due to the increased safety, convenience, and privacy.

Can I change my registered agent?

Yes, you are always free to change your registered agent at any time and for any reason. If you already have a registered agent and are not satisfied with them, LegalNature can help you make the switch to our registered agent services.

Why should I use LegalNature as my registered agent?

While it may be tempting to try to cut your costs by not using a professional registered agent service, this is not recommended and will often end up costing much more in the long run. Using an experienced registered agent service like LegalNature offers many important advantages to business owners:

  • Our registered agents know how to meet your state’s regulations and are always present during business hours to receive and forward you official correspondence for your company.
  • We help you avoid fines and legal problems that will arise if your registered agent fails to meet state requirements.
  • Because your registered agent’s address is public information about your company, using our service means that you can keep your own address private.
  • You will conveniently receive both physical copies and digital copies of all your correspondence. While your correspondence is still on its way to you in the mail, you will receive an email notifying you that we have scanned and uploaded your correspondence into your online account. 
  • With unlimited cloud storage, all your correspondence is backed up and organized in one place so that you can access it from anywhere. This makes it much easier to ensure that your company stays compliant with state requirements and can quickly respond to any legal notices that it receives.

How It Works

1. Company details

Complete this short questionnaire by indicating what type of business you own, where the business is located, and your contact information. If you have not yet created your business by officially registering it with the state, then you will need to do that first. This order form will help you do that and also allow you to sign up for our registered agent service at the same time.

2. We process your application

We will complete and review your application to ensure that it is complete and submit it to the state for processing. You can easily check the status of your application at any time.

3. Receive confirmation

We will notify you as soon as your registered agent has been accepted by the state.


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