Job Offer Letter for Virginia


Re: Offer of Employment

Dear _____________:

_____________ is pleased to offer you the position of _____________. This offer is contingent upon proof of employment eligibility, a background and reference check, and confirmation that you are not bound by any contractual agreements that restrict your ability to perform your duties for _____________. _____________ also reserves the right to make your employment contingent on additional requirements, such as passing a drug-screening test. We are offering this position to you based on the terms listed below.


Term: The term of your employment would begin on _____________ and would continue for a period of _____________. As such, you would not be an employee-at-will, meaning that your employment may not be terminated by either party at any time, with or without cause.


Pay Period: You would receive your compensation _____________.

Benefits: You would be entitled to such fringe benefits as may be provided from time-to-time to other employees occupying similar positions.


as soon as possible. Should you accept this offer, we will formalize the terms of your employment in a separate employment agreement, which you will be required to sign prior to employment and which may contain additional terms and conditions to those listed above. Therefore, the terms listed above do not constitute a binding agreement and ONLY serve as evidence of negotiations concerning your employment. If you have any questions regarding this employment offer, please let us know. We are very excited about welcoming you to _____________ and look forward to having you join our team.


Sign: ___________________________________ Date: _____________

Print: ___________________________________

Title: ___________________________________

Instructions for Your Job Offer Letter

LegalNature's job offer letter is designed to give you great flexibility in customizing the exact terms of your offer. This help guide provides important tips and explains the key terms to consider when creating this agreement.

Party Information and Relevant Dates

To start, you will need to provide the name and addresses for both the employer and candidate. This information will be used to create the letter heading.

You may limit the amount of time that the candidate has to consider the offer by adding an offer expiration date. This may be helpful if the employer is interested in multiple possible candidates for the position and needs to make the hire quickly. Keep in mind, however, that it is in all parties' best interests that the candidate does not make a hasty decision that results in a poor fit.

Employment Term

Choosing whether you want the agreement to continue indefinitely or for a fixed term will determine the employment type. For instance, choosing an indefinite term will create an at-will employment contract allowing either party to terminate the employment relationship at any time, with or without cause. At-will employment is the most common type of employment throughout the United States.

However, if the parties desire a more definite employment timeframe, you can select employment for a fixed term. This means that the employment can only be terminated during the term of the agreement for just cause, such as violating a term of the agreement.

Job Description

Add the general job description by detailing the relevant duties and services that the candidate would perform if hired. There is no need to include every responsibility. Simply including the general job duties will suffice.

Compensation and Benefits

You have complete flexibility in specifying how the candidate would be compensated, including by hourly wage, salary, salary plus commission, solely on commission, or your own custom payment structure.

You will then have the option to list any benefits the candidate would receive. This part is optional since you can always agree on benefits at a later time with the candidate or in a different agreement.

It is not necessary to include all the employer's rules and information regarding each benefit you include. Instead, you may simply name the benefit and briefly describe any major characteristics associated. Further details of each benefit are normally elaborated in the employer's official policy documentation and may be subject to change.

Additional Terms

You will also have the option to include additional terms. After previewing the document to see the standard terms that have already been included, you can then use this option to finish customizing the letter according to the exact wishes of the parties. Writing in complete sentences, be as detailed and clear as possible in setting out your additional terms.

Acceptance and Final Steps

It is important to note that this letter is NOT a binding employment agreement. Therefore, it is optional and not required for the candidate to sign this letter.

The letter is meant to serve as evidence of negotiations and requires the parties to execute a separate employment agreement prior to the start of employment. If the parties later decide to create an employment agreement, it should contain the same terms agreed upon in your employment offer letter. It may also contain additional terms and conditions not included in your letter since it will be more formal and detailed in setting out the rights of the parties.

After sending the letter to the candidate, the candidate can accept the employment offer simply by

Please note that the language you see here changes depending on your answers to the document questionnaire.

Job Offer Letter

Use a job offer letter to extend a job invitation to a potential candidate and inform the candidate about the details of the job. This is an important business tool for negotiating and formalizing the terms of the job and the compensation package being offered.

LegalNature's quick and simple process helps you to create a job offer letter that will fit your specific needs. Easily spell out all the key details, including the date the candidate would begin, the job duties, the compensation package, and more.

A job offer letter shows potential employees that you are serious about hiring them and can help give your company an edge in a competitive hiring market. Complete, download, and send your letter in minutes.

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