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When to use a postnuptial agreement

  • Checkmark A practical means of disclosing personal finances is required.
  • Checkmark One or both spouses has children from a previous relationship.
  • Checkmark One of the spouses has amassed a sizable amount of debt.
  • Checkmark One of the spouses has inherited sizeable assets from an estate.

Easily draft a legally binding postnuptial agreement with our step-by-step guidance

Throughout the form, we explain all the terms and you’ll be guided on making the best choices for your postnuptial agreement.

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Strengthen your relationship's foundation

Form a stronger bond with your spouse by signing a postnuptial agreement that protects both of your interests.

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How to get a postnuptial agreement in 4 steps

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Provide Information About Your Marriage

Enter both the name and address of each spouse along with the date the marriage was celebrated. Also, include the date of marriage and specify whether or not cohabitation took place between the spouses prior to marriage. If either spouse has been married before or already had children, these details should also be included. 

PoA Options


List Each Spouse's Debts and Assets

It's important to indicate whether or not a certain property is "shared property" (i.e., any property in which the spouses have signed documentation reflecting their clear intention to share ownership). It is also very important that both spouses be completely thorough in disclosing all assets, debts, and income sources in the document. 

Present Case


Decide How Disputes Will Be Resolved

You have the option of requiring disputes to be resolved through mediation and/or arbitration. In mediation, an impartial mediator helps the parties discuss the legalities of their conflict in order to reach an agreement. Arbitration is similar except that the arbitrator issues a legally binding ruling on the dispute.

Review and Sign


Execute Your Agreement

In order to make sure your agreement is legally valid, you need to ensure that it is properly executed. When the parties are ready to sign, they should be sure to initial at the bottom of every page of the agreement in order to show that each page was read. 


Help Guide

Table of contents

Postnuptial agreements are becoming increasingly popular as a means of creating financial harmony in marriages by providing both parties with a solid understanding of each other's assets, debts, and future financial wishes. The following information discusses key considerations when completing this agreement.

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