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When to Revoke a Power of Attorney

  • Checkmark You want to cancel an existing power of attorney
  • Checkmark You want to replace your agent with someone else
  • Checkmark The agent named in your power of attorney is no longer available

Easily revoke your power of attorney

Create a revocation of power of attorney that fits your needs.

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Relationship changes

Your power of attorney might need to be revoked if your relationship with your agent has changed.

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Incapacity or death

If an agent has passed away or is no longer competent, the power of attorney should be revoked.

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Revoke a Power of Attorney in 3 Steps

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Select the POA type to revoke

Our form allows you to revoke a durable or general power of attorney. A durable power of attorney gives someone the authority to act on your behalf if you can no longer speak for yourself. On the other hand, a general power of attorney is typically granted for a specific purpose or event.

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Fill out the revocation form

Our dynamic form allows you to add all required details. By using our form, you will have the option to revoke one specific power of attorney, any powers of attorney naming a specific agent, or all power of attorney documents currently in effect. 

Review and Sign


Execute your agreement

Once the document has been completed, you should sign the revocation in the presence of two witnesses and a notary. The two witnesses will sign the revocation confirming that they witnessed your signature and the notary will acknowledge the signatures.

Need a New Power of Attorney?

Use a power of attorney to appoint a trusted person to act on your behalf and manage medical, financial, real estate, business, or personal affairs. Use our state-specific POA form to create a power of attorney document in just minutes.

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    Help Guide

    Table of contents

    When you need to revoke a power of attorney, a revocation of power of attorney document allows you to end any previous authority you may have designated.

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