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Negotiating Your Employment Agreement

Perhaps one of the most overlooked elements of a new job search, especially in today's economic climate, is the value of a legal employment agreement in the negotiation process. Searching for a new job can be an exhaustive endeavor, and applicants tend to relax after the position has been offered. However, this is actually the most critical stage of your new employment because it is when the real negotiations begin.

Negotiating the Terms of Your Employment

Prior to accepting a position with any company, it is vital to negotiate all the terms of your employment and get them in writing in the form of an employment agreement. This agreement can be used to negotiate and document all the conditions of your employment that have been agreed upon as well as defining your employer’s expectations of you and what you can expect from them.

Protecting Your Rights

The most important thing to understand about a legal employment agreement is that it takes the place of verbal assumptions and it protects both your rights as an employee and your employer’s interests as well. It is a binding agreement that ensures your employer will act according to their promises and it sets a professional foundation for the mutual benefit of all parties involved.