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Developing the Business Plan

A good business plan is a powerful tool that can be used for both potential new business opportunities as well as existing businesses that are considering expansion or new market acquisitions. The importance of a well-researched and well-written business plan cannot be understated, and companies that are able to properly articulate a solid business plan are the ones that usually accomplish their development strategies.

Making the Purpose of the Business Plan Clear

The most important thing for a company to consider prior to the development of a business plan is to make clear the purpose of the plan before initiating its development. Once that is accomplished, they need to clearly define the intended audience and structure the plan to meet the unique needs of those audience members.

A business plan is an important tool that many new companies utilize to acquire operating capital. In order for any lender or investor to feel confident in financing a business startup or a newer company in need of capital, they must completely understand the intended direction of the business and be certain that the individuals in charge of the company understand the critical factors that contribute to the success or failure of a company venturing into that industry.

As Discover Business explains, effective business plans address the concerns that any investor would have regarding the potential loss of their investment as well as the possibilities for potential growth and return on that investment.

Present What the Company Has to Offer

The business plan is the opportunity to present the unique aspects and innovations the company has to offer, and detail how these strengths will be beneficial in their market.

A Non-Disclosure Agreement Can Help Protect the Business

Presenting a business plan to potential investors does present some challenges to companies that have developed an extremely unique product or method of business, especially ones that are new and undiscovered. There is always the potential that unique ideas can be compromised when too many people know about them.

Companies that are involved in innovative markets should make a point of ensuring a non-disclosure agreement is signed by all involved parties prior to the presentation of the business plan either to potential investors or business partners. A properly executed plan will detail all the pertinent information and plans of the company to effectively corner its share of the market, so should this information fall into the wrong hands, it can spell the end of the company's ambitions. A non-disclosure agreement for business plans will remove the potential for this to occur, even if inadvertently.

The Devil Is in the Business Plan’s Detail!

In order for the business plan to be most effective, it must effectively detail all the aspects of the planned venture. This includes:

  • developing all the organizational structure that will be involved in the operation of the company,
  • details of potential markets and the manner in which the company intends to tap into those markets,
  • all advantages and disadvantages that might present themselves during the venture,
  • potential growth factors and inhibitors,
  • assessment of the competition, and
  • any other vital statistics or information that will help a potential investor or partner realize the benefits of the endeavor.

Basically, the best business plans will answer any question that might be posed by a potential investor before they think to ask it. Lenders are approached constantly by startups and businesses in need of financing, and many of these businesses present business plans that are lacking in the vital information needed for the lender to make an informed decision. When these individuals are presented with a concise and well-thought-out business plan that addresses all of their concerns, they are much more disposed to help that business with their funding requirements.

How a Good Business Plan Can Help Attract Good Employees

Well-conceived and well-executed business plans are also a vital tool used to lure potential employees to the company. Unless the business is a sole proprietorship, its success will depend to no small degree on the ability to attract and retain high-quality employees. Potential employees, much like potential investors, can understand the value in a well-conceived and executed business plan, and the confidence it inspires about the potential of the company can help attract the very individuals who the company will be relying upon to make it a success.

There really is no end to the possibilities created by a well-crafted business plan, and for those companies that take the time and make the effort to develop a well-thought-out and comprehensive plan, the potential rewards can be more than they hoped for.

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