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Certificate of Incorporation Connecticut

To form a corporation in Connecticut, you must file a document called a certificate of incorporation with the Connecticut Secretary of State. The form is customizable.

The certificate of incorporation must include the following information:

  • Name of the corporation
  • Type of entity
  • Corporate mailing and street address
  • The number of shares*, class, rights, and restrictions of stock
  • Incorporator's name, street, and mailing address

*In Connecticut, the state does not require you to disclose the par value of the stock. Par value is the price at which a company's shares are initially offered for sale.

You can view the state statutes applicable to a certificate of incorporation on the state's website.

Mandatory Additional Filings

In Connecticut, you must file the Organization and First Report along with the certificate of incorporation. The certificate of incorporation must be mailed or filed in person. Filing is not permitted online. However, other documents, such as annual reports, may be filed online.