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How to Create an Affidavit of Marriage

Do you need an affidavit of marriage? Get started here.

Use an affidavit of marriage as your sworn statement that you are married and to name who you are married to.

Often you will need this affidavit when applying for a foreign visa or if you lose your marriage certificate. Take the following steps to compete a marriage affidavit form.

Completing Your Form

First you will be asked to specify whether one or both spouses are completing the form. If only one spouse is completing and signing it, select “single.” If both spouses will be signing, then select “joint.”

Next, enter the state the marriage certificate was originally signed in (this is usually also where the ceremony took place) and the date of the signing.

Lastly, you enter the county and state where you will sign this affidavit.

Executing the Affidavit of Marriage

Once you have completed the form, print it and sign it in front of a notary, who will also sign it at the bottom.

Although not required in every jurisdiction, we highly recommend to always sign the affidavit in the presence of a notary to ensure the document will be valid should there ever be a query.

Get Started

Get started today.  Use our simple form to create a marriage affidavit online in minutes right now.